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A new type of news organization to put
readers in charge of journalism

Real World Reporting to give readers the ability to pitch stories, track journalists in real time, interact with them directly and even conduct interviews

By Skippy Meisrow

February 1st 2016 @ 7:23 pm

World | Human Interest

Real World Reporting is an entirely new type of News purveyor whose desire is to change the way international news is funded, created and consumed. By combining professional in-depth journalism with modern social network interaction we aim to eliminate the corporate structures, entrenched interests and news gatekeepers that have deteriorated the quality and honest-broker status of foreign correspondence. By empowering readers and journalists to come together and determine what

news matters to them, we will both increase the integrity of coverage and bring a human touch back to content.



Ask a journalist a question and receive a direct answer in real time. Make your voice heard.


Start a dialogue via video chat or secure test communiqué, get those burning questions answered.


Conduct a real, full-length interview, for your personal enjoyment and to inform the world.

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